The New and Experienced Woman's Anti-Aging Secret

We all come across the beautiful and flawless middle-aged women advertised today; gorgeous gray/silver hair and the perfect balance of youth and sophistication. 

When you flip through everyday magazines that these women are seen in you might be saying to yourself,

"Why do not they have crow feet wrinkles, or pigmentation and spider veins around their cheeks?.......Oh, it must be photoshopped."

Well it is not all photoshop! Even though I cannot vouch for each company that uses these beautiful models, they definitely have a few additional secrets to share.

The second response usually would be

"Oh, everyone knows about Botox."



This secret is more than just a minor face filling. Laser facials are booming with popularity as a treatment for several cosmetic flaws, including acne, wrinkles and more.

You might be saying now,

"What? Ouch!" 

But our patients seem to find laser facials quite relaxing.

These type of facials have several benefits including a wonderful soft glow after you hope off the table. Men and women have found that it quickly reduces wrinkles as well as absorbs pigmented lesions and spider veins.

Vermont Laser Services recommends this treatment seasonally. Between winter dinners, summer BBQ's and those special events between your friends and family will be saying how youthful and glowing you look year round.  

Forget about the anti-aging creams that you have stacked in your medicine cabinet, the money you spend on cosmetic at-home treatments can quickly be turned into real results. 


At Home or In Spa Treatment? How Your Medical Spa Can Help

Trust us, we know it can be a hassle coming in for treatments....when really you could be sitting on your couch with a glass of wine, your face mask on, and a laser hair removal wand in hand watching Gossip Girl reruns. Yas, please!


The reality is at home treatments are much less effective and you will be exhausted putting in hours of treatment time with very little result. Your arm will get tired...if anything, try four glasses of wine. 

At-home laser hair removal kits have a much lower laser settings than spa lasers. Kristin, our laser technician here at Vermont Laser Services, discusses how she varies her energy levels based on a person's skin type and hair color. One of the most popular home kits on the market right now is not even close to reaching the potential of a professional laser. Powerful lasers should only be used by highly trained professionals. 

Tip: Make sure when you do make an appointment for a laser treatment at your local medical spa that your technician is trained in that service by asking them about their certifications. 

So the actuality is that you will not experience the same results or effectiveness with at home treatments and it takes ten times longer. If I were me, which I am, I would want to go for a 15 minute treatment and then sit on the couch without worrying about leg hair. 

As for facials, if you're like any other girl, you will have dozens of different creams, masks and face washes in your medicine cabinet. If you added all of those purchased up it would probably be worth a couple hundred if not more. Carbon Laser Facials have been proven to be highly effective not only reversing aging but also getting rid of black heads, acne and leaving your skin flawless and glowing. 

Vermont Laser Services recommends a facial for each season, and you will receive your third facial with us for free! 


Carbon Laser Peel | Post-Care Instructions

A Carbon Laser Treatment treats blackheads - clogged pores - acne - age wrinkles, and enlarged pores. After your Carbon Laser Peel it is important to follow our aftercare instructions. See below for everything you need to know about caring for your skin after a carbon laser peel treatment.

Acne Vulgaris, Blackheads, Enlarged pores and stimulation of Collagen production.

Keep out of direct sunlight for 12 to 24 hours, wash face 2-3 times a day using gentle cleanser's continuously. Keep bedding and face clean. Use a Benzoyl peroxide (BPO) or Salicylic acid based product.

AVOID: facial scrubs, oral acne medications, heat, Retin-A, hydroquinone*, tretinoin cream*, corticosteroids, glycol acid (GA) and azelaic acid*.

Recommend: Use sunscreen and adopt a skin washing regiment using gentle oil free cleanser.

Expectations: Redness will go down in 1-2 hours. Even skin tone and smooth texture will be expected afterwards. Tightened pores and reduced acne scars will occur.

For maximum results: 1-3 treatments spaced out minimum 2 weeks between treatments 2-3 a year.

As always, should you have any questions please call our office at 802-777-8949 during regular business hours or email us anytime via

Post Care Glossary:

Azelaic Acid: Comes in a gel or cream and has antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties. It is more commonly used for another type of condition called rosacea, but it may help mild acne.

Benzoyl Peroxide: is a medicine you use to treat acne. It comes in different strengths in lotions, gels, soaps, and liquids.

Hydroquinone: is used to lighten the dark patches of skin (also called hyper pigmentation, melanoma, "liver spots", "age spots", "freckles") caused by pregnancy, birth control pills, hormone medicine , or injury to the skin.

Kojic Acid: is used to treat skin diseases such as melasma

Salicylic Acid: is an active ingredient in some nonprescription acne treatments. When you apply it to your skin it dries up whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. It also causes the top layer of your skin to peel. Products that contain salicylic acid may cause tingling and a mild redness of the skin.

Tretinoin: (brand name Retin-A, Avita, Renova) is a derivative of vitamin A and is the treatment of choice for comedonal acne as well as whiteheads and blackheads.