What Do We Say to Carbon/ Activated Charcoal?

Yes, Yes, Yes!

Carbon has been found to be a miracle worker for the body, it eliminates many toxins that are trapped inside us. People are using it for  their teeth, also as a detox and most of all scrubbing their skin, and hair with it.

We want to talk a little more about how it helps the skin, specifically your beautiful face that you want to be taking care of. Like I mentioned it eliminates toxins, that means those little blackheads that you might have will be absorbed by this wonderfully yucky stuff.

By saying goodbye to the toxins and dirt trapped in your pores you are also saying goodbye to acne, dehydration, inflammation and even aging skin. But the secret formal is to use carbon/activated charcoal with laser treatment.

When this black substance is used with a laser facial it not only lifts those toxins it makes them disappear as well. The laser will absorb the carbon along with any dirt or toxins it has grabbed a hold of. This only leaves room for squeaky clean pores, but your face won't exactly squeak after this treatment if feels more like heavenly soft glowing baby skin.

And who doesn't want baby skin?!?

So add Carbon Laser Facials to your calendar, because we suggest it seasonly! 




The New and Experienced Woman's Anti-Aging Secret

We all come across the beautiful and flawless middle-aged women advertised today; gorgeous gray/silver hair and the perfect balance of youth and sophistication. 

When you flip through everyday magazines that these women are seen in you might be saying to yourself,

"Why do not they have crow feet wrinkles, or pigmentation and spider veins around their cheeks?.......Oh, it must be photoshopped."

Well it is not all photoshop! Even though I cannot vouch for each company that uses these beautiful models, they definitely have a few additional secrets to share.

The second response usually would be

"Oh, everyone knows about Botox."



This secret is more than just a minor face filling. Laser facials are booming with popularity as a treatment for several cosmetic flaws, including acne, wrinkles and more.

You might be saying now,

"What? Ouch!" 

But our patients seem to find laser facials quite relaxing.

These type of facials have several benefits including a wonderful soft glow after you hope off the table. Men and women have found that it quickly reduces wrinkles as well as absorbs pigmented lesions and spider veins.

Vermont Laser Services recommends this treatment seasonally. Between winter dinners, summer BBQ's and those special events between your friends and family will be saying how youthful and glowing you look year round.  

Forget about the anti-aging creams that you have stacked in your medicine cabinet, the money you spend on cosmetic at-home treatments can quickly be turned into real results.