At Home or In Spa Treatment? How Your Medical Spa Can Help

Trust us, we know it can be a hassle coming in for treatments....when really you could be sitting on your couch with a glass of wine, your face mask on, and a laser hair removal wand in hand watching Gossip Girl reruns. Yas, please!


The reality is at home treatments are much less effective and you will be exhausted putting in hours of treatment time with very little result. Your arm will get tired...if anything, try four glasses of wine. 

At-home laser hair removal kits have a much lower laser settings than spa lasers. Kristin, our laser technician here at Vermont Laser Services, discusses how she varies her energy levels based on a person's skin type and hair color. One of the most popular home kits on the market right now is not even close to reaching the potential of a professional laser. Powerful lasers should only be used by highly trained professionals. 

Tip: Make sure when you do make an appointment for a laser treatment at your local medical spa that your technician is trained in that service by asking them about their certifications. 

So the actuality is that you will not experience the same results or effectiveness with at home treatments and it takes ten times longer. If I were me, which I am, I would want to go for a 15 minute treatment and then sit on the couch without worrying about leg hair. 

As for facials, if you're like any other girl, you will have dozens of different creams, masks and face washes in your medicine cabinet. If you added all of those purchased up it would probably be worth a couple hundred if not more. Carbon Laser Facials have been proven to be highly effective not only reversing aging but also getting rid of black heads, acne and leaving your skin flawless and glowing. 

Vermont Laser Services recommends a facial for each season, and you will receive your third facial with us for free! 


Why We Chose Laser Hair Removal

Are you nervous about laser services due to horror stories?

Do you wonder what types of certification laser technicians have? 

Do you worry about their experience or training?

Vermont Laser Services started out as Laser Tattoo Removal of Vermont four years ago. Now with over 10,000 treatments under our belt we felt that it was time to expand our laser services; starting with facials and laser skin care. Now we are moving into the business of laser hair removal; how exciting!

This type of hair removal has been growing in popularity amongst many celebrities and is now opening up to the general public as affordable and safe. 

Even though we are only a few months into the laser hair removal business here we are definitely not inexperienced. Our laser hair removal technician, Kristin Parker, has been treating patients for over two years now and has preformed thousands of procedures. She is quite the catch; her great sense of humor really allows patients to relax and enjoy the experience.

Many wouldn't exactly describe any type of hair removal as relaxing. However when you step into Kristin's office that is exactly how you feel, at ease. As if you were having a drink with a best friend; a best friend that is highly trained in her field and knows what she is doing. Kristin is able to walk you through each step without leaving anything out; answering the multiple questions you might have without you having to even ask!

When deciding amongst the hundreds of laser machines on the market, we preferred the Quanta Pronto Laser. Why Quanta Pronto Laser? Right now it is the fastest laser hair removal machine in the business; as well as being pain free by incorporating multiple cooling elements. Many of the lasers being used out there will feel like a large elastic rubber band hitting your skin with each pulse, there is no such sensation with the Quanta Pronto Laser. 

And the best part of it all would be no more hair, nope, you heard it here. The razor, the wax, the Nair, can all be thrown out! We recommend purchasing our discounted eight sessions with 4-6 weeks between each session; making sure we check in to see how your results are holding up.

With any of our procedures here at Vermont Laser Services you will find our first priority is safety and our second is comfort. We care about our patients experience as much as the results.  

So don't be afraid to stop by and ask Kristin and our other laser technicians about their training and experience.  

Find out for yourself!