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Hair Removal Laser Treatment is painless, quick, and permanent. No need to handle sharp razors that leave burning and redness, or pricey and painful visits to the waxing table.

About Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal works by diffusing a highly concentrated beam of light through the skin that is designed to selectively penetrate the hair follicle. The pigment in the follicle then absorbs the laser light, which causes permanent damage to these follicles and prevents further growth. Multiple sessions are usually necessary as not all hairs grow as the same rate.

The VLS Technique:

Our Quanta Pronto Laser uses diode technology that works within minutes, accompanied with a built-in cooling system that minimizes any discomfort for patients. A full treatment on a man’s back can be completed under 10 minutes. This method is FDA approved to treat all skin types, keeping in mind that white, grey, blonde or red hair will not be effectively removed as it lacks melanin (pigments). We are able to treat all areas of the body including but not limited to chest, underarms, bikini, legs, back, neck and more.

We offer premium laser hair removal treatments for your abdomen, arms, back, beard, bikini line, brazilian, breast, buttocks, chest, chin, ears, face, head, legs, upper lip, neck and underarms. For a complete list of pricing and available laser services visit our scheduling page here.

Single Session & Package Pricing for Laser Hair Removal Treatments

We offer discounted pricing when you buy a package of 8 or more laser hair treatments! To book an appointment visit our scheduling page here. Click below to toggle between single session and package pricing to see how much you can save when you buy a pack of 8 sessions!

“I had a laser hair removal treatment session with Allison and she was absolutely fantastic. I am highly sensitive to pain and she went out of her way to accommodate me to ensure I was comfortable. She was polite, courteous and caring and I greatly appreciate her efforts to make this a more enjoyable experience.” - Brittany O.


Questions frequently asked by clients considering their first laser hair removal treatment.

What should I do before treatment?

Prior to the treatment hairs should be recently shaved and no longer than 1-2mm long.  If longer hair is treated, the excessive hair growth will cause the wavelength to disperse throughout the hair.  This will negatively impact results because the maximum amount of energy will not be absorbed into the follicle. It is also important not to pluck or wax hair 4 to 6 weeks prior to treatment because this will ensure that there is enough melanin (pigment) in the follicle to absorb the laser energy.

What kind of laser hair removal technology does Vermont Laser Service use?

We use the Quanta Pronto Diode Laser.  Our diode laser comes with two laser wavelengths the 810nm and the 940mn wavelengths which work simultaneously to treat both the pigment in the hair follicle and the vascular supply at the base of the hair to more effectively target the hair and its blood supply.  The Diode laser technology is the industries “gold standard” for hair removal. 

During a seventh and eighteen month analysis, clinical research has shown the diode laser to be more effective in reducing hair count and requiring fewer treatments when compared to other hair removal technology.  Our Quanta Pronto laser is also the fastest on the market with a speed of 12 Hz, which can treat a man’s back in less than 10 minutes.

What are the possible risks/side effects?

Swelling and redness can occur a few days after treatment.  Temporary changes in skin color such as hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation can occur.  Some hairs can resist treatment and not respond well such as blond and white hairs.  It is also possible for new hair to grow back finer and lighter in color.


“I would definitely recommend everyone visit the place for the best laser hair removal consultation and service.”- Paul P.

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